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New Foundation

New Foundation

After about 10 years, I’ve decided to dust off the old blog. I’ve upgraded from Movable Type 3.2 (or so) and just blasted out all my older posts. So. I suppose I shall go hunt them down or freak out and ask sure support to reinstall a backup. True to my old ways I leap before and ask questions later.

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I have a little clock in my house that dings like the one in the film House of Mirth

Hello. The top question on my mind today, as it was a few weeks ago, is still where oh where could that sock be. I forgot to mention that not only had I lost the one big kneesock. (That one from last years’ Rowan? You know it’s been travelling with me to MDSW and Rhinebeck and auctions and everywhere and if you know me, you have probably met said sock.) Anyway, but sadly, not only did I lose that sock, but I lost an entire pair of socks I was knitting for Noel.


Seriously, I’ve been having memory lapses and forgetting peoples’ names lately. And apparently socks.

So, I’m experiencing a new-found interest in knitting. Yes, I know. A knitting renaissance if you will. Weird, I bet you didn’t know I’d even really stopped knitting for about 6 months. But it’s true. And when I look back on those days, I can’t even remember what things I had knitting that I stopped and had left lying about. Usually I remember my days and weeks by “what was I knitting then?”

It’s like Sybil in that book who lost whole chunks of time. Maybe that’s pretentious or a weird analogy. (is it pretentious to say that?) Oh well. I really can’t remember. Maybe I was so busy? Maybe I’m getting old? Is it Alzheimer’s already? Too many paint and Briwax fumes and Howards’ Restor-A-Finish from fixing furniture and shabby chic-ing the hell out of junk furniture? Just don’t know..

But I’m knitting. I almost have the Kim Hargreaves sweater done and I started some of those Kaffe Fassett sock yarn socks that everyone’s doing. (Hopefully not to be lost.) I went to Loop in Philadelphia and had fun picking out yarn and talking to Craig, who is lots of fun.

Anyway, let me see if I have a picture of my progress so far on that KH thing…
Oh wait, I have that mitten:

sept 8 2007

It’s cashmere.
Next up that sweater from that magazine that I bought that blue yarn for. I forget the name.

Overkill, right?

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I can’t believe I haven’t posted up since December 26th! I hope you all had wonderful holidays.

I did a lot of knitting in Pittsburgh–Wrappy is all sewn together except for that collar, the mohair mittens are almost finished, and a pair of fingerless mitts out of some Copper Moth handspun are coming along. (Still need to spin up enough yarn to make mitt #2 though.)

I’ve decided I like little projects like gloves and mittens.

I promise to take some pictures soon.

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Bella Cardigan Done

bella beckyLast night, I did a little finishing on Bella sweater before I crashed and went to sleep around 9 pm. No more allergy meds…commencing the withdrawl process. This morning, I woke up feeling like a puddle on the floor.

Anyway, I was looking forward to backstitching the collar on, as it was something new to me. It was interesting to do, and looks nice, though I think I boggled it a little in my daze. The tape yarn was difficult to work with because the needle kept getting stuck in the webbing of the yarn, but I like the finished sweater a lot and so does Becky.

I announced, “Look Becky, I finished your sweater!” and expected her to just chirp and skip away with her basket of stuffed animals, but she squealed, grabbed it and started to put it on herself.Much to my surprise. Yeah, she actually wants to wear it.

I do myself.

I do myself.

What’s going on? Did the stars align today or something?

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Lankenau 911

I had a crazy weekend–had to go to the emergency department because of an allergic reaction. To what? Who the heck knows!

All the nurses and the doctor who saw me kept asking, “Didja eat shellfish?”


So, it’s a mystery. I’m guessing it was a mosquito bite or something weird like that. Maybe the guy at Wawa put weed on my hoagie that night or something. Who knows?

Originally I thought all the hives I had were mosquito bites because they LOOKED like mosquito bites and weren’t like the hives I usually get when I have an allergic reaction (yes, I get hives when I get strep throat and mononucleosis–I’m weird like that, but no fever eliminated that cause at least for now).
But then, I noticed that Noel and Becky didn’t have any bites at all. Weird.

I thought, “Did Isabel blow all those no-see-ums up from North Carolina to bite me?” No, uhuh!

So anyway, they put me on some meds and everything calmed down. It was magical. It was also Miss B-Grrl’s 2nd birthday that day, so I wanted to get out of the hospital quick and go have some fun. They gave me 2 options: corticosteroids and allergy meds for a short course or an adrenalin shot and hook me up to an IV and hang out in the hospital watching CNN. But I ain’t no fool. I remember how painful and trying getting an IV was when I was having my babies. I swear it was worse than any contraction I had. Hideous.

I think the medicine they gave me has made me hyper and talkative. So unlike me! Can you tell?
I’ve been wanting to post to my blog every hour or two with random thoughts but I restrain myself. Who wants to read a whole post on what I had for breakfast anyway? Or how my commute to and from preschool went (and that damn person stuck in the left lane talking on their cell phone)? Or how I spent Saturday morning in the ED??

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Ribby Cardigan Almost Done

I’m almost done. After steam blocking it a bit at 1 am last night and trying it on, I’ve decided to forgo the knitted facings and just sew the zipper right to the raw edges, then cover them up all nice and neat with some grosgrain ribbon–perhaps in a jarring shade of crimson red. Or green. Or red. Oh, or maybe pink.


Hmmm, note to me, Must hunt down and purchase 2-way separating metal-toothed zipper….and ribbon….maybe zipper pull, too. Hmmm.

The collar is awaiting a decision to either become a mock turtle or an accordian-style collar. Or maybe I'll just stop now and bind off. Sounds pretty good, no?

The collar is awaiting a decision to either become a mock turtle or an accordian-style collar. Or maybe I’ll just stop now and bind off. Sounds pretty good, no?

Though I still have almost 3 balls of the Bartlett’s left. Not enough to make much of anything, but enough left over to make me anxious that it needs to be used up. Call me odd. I don’t care! Sticks and stones may break my bones….Ha!

I think I need to get out now and take a walk or something–I’m going stir crazy! (can you tell?) My Grammy, rest her soul, used to say, “Let’s go to Kroger’s and and blow the stink off!”

Really, I should probably stop while I’m ahead–check out this weird mistake I made on the back while doing the decreases. Somehow I started in some extra ribbing and didn’t notice until I was almost to the collar. The pix is after I ripped back and started reworking it as stockinette with a crochet hook.

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

It’s Knitty!

look ma

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Today I am going to work on some knitted slippers for Noel to use at school. They sent home a list of thing he will need. Slippers and a bookbag and regular shoes (sandals verboten). So, we spent the weekend trying to find some of those things.

I always feel strange buying shoes for my kids. The shoelady puts them on their feet and the shoes just look SO BIG. Too big. One year (out of only 4 years I’ve been a mother), I made them give me a size smaller. I understand the whole growth factor thing, but it is strange to see such big shoes on my little kids. Shoes that are a whole inch longer than their current feet. Perhaps the scariest thing is that my kids’ feet will be that big by the end of the season.

They grow up so fast.

Yet, at the same time, I dream of the day when I can walk around a house not cluttered with Thomas the Tank Engine, Matchbox cars and Happy Meal toys.

Though, in a few years, what new clutter is in store for me?

Sooooo, Noel got some big boots. Shit kickers as my friend Eliz used to call them. I suppose a lot of people call them that, but I’ll remember hearing it from her first. Eliz was sort of like Winnie-the-Pooh meets a Head-Banger sort of person. She scared the crap out of me during our “circle time” college get-to-know you stuff. I was the quiet person with docksiders on sitting next to her. She had her shit kickers on.

Bella Cardi Court
back sleevesI’ll put this in right before my morbid thought simply because I was working on it when the thought occurred to me. Here are pictures of the back and sleeves. One of the fronts is almost done. Keep your fingers crossed that I will have enough yarn. The pattern calls for 487 meters of yarn and I have 359 meters. Do you think I’ll make it? It seems like I just might strangely enough. If I don’t, I can possibly use a complementary yarn for the collar.

Random morbid thought:
Have you ever been riding in the car, knitting away, and you suddenly think, “I wonder where this pointy, aluminum, single-pointed knitting needle would end up if we had a car crash?”

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Kool-Aid Dye Experiment

kool aid dye 1

Noel picked which packet to do next.

A few days ago, the kids and I got in the car and took a trip to visit Joanne’s Fabric to see if they had any Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool. Of course, there was only one skein left so I snatched it up. It had over 400 yds. I liked that.

I do not like the smell of wet sheepy smelling wool mixed with artificial cherry flavor.

Results picture lost when I switched the old blog to Word Press. You aren’t missing anything exciting as it was a crappy picture.

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The Falaise Tunic is Finished

And it actually fits Becky. How’s that.

falaise tunic 1







I ended up not making the hood (or pocket) this time to save yarn. Eh, let’s just finish it up. Originally, my plan was to make a striped hood, but the way the hood is knitted wouldn’t have placed the stripes in the configuration I would have liked.

falaise tunic 2

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