June 17, 2003
Swatch Project

I've finished two swatches for Becky's swatch project. I blocked them to get the required measurements, but the second one with all the yarn overs keeps wanting to revert to its too skinny and too tall size. I think it will be okay, but would welcome any thoughts on lace insertions keeping their shape. (Added info: They are 100% cotton.)

A swatch from Cromarty

A swatch from Barbara Walker's Knitting Treasury called "Scrolls"

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June 11, 2003
Our House

This is a sign on the wall going up my attic steps. The whole attic is full of paintings on the walls of old comic characters whose heydays (I'm guessing) were during the 1920s. Dave and I once considered cutting one out and taking it on Antiques Roadshow, but we didn't want to make a mess. Anyway, you're probably wondering what kind of house it is that we live in, what with the gargoyle cat, the speakeasy door, and now this. Once, when I was pulling down some old wallpaper, I found some weird mathematical equations written on the wall. Not being a math person, I didn't know what they were trying to tell me and I subsequently painted over them. Martha Stewart and her color coordinated paints made me.

I originally brought up the "Welcome to Bum's" sign because it seemed apt, but then I digressed. So, my whole point is--not much knitting to report here at Bum's.

I did make one of those Wendy Mouse Along mousies. It took about an hour and there was no catnip in the house, and, of course, I was hell-bent to finish it. (Why do you think I started a small project at 9 pm anyway?) So I stuffed that squeaker
with leftover yarn bits. Lucie ran away with it and it couldn't be found for a few days. Then it surfaced in the cats' food bowl, which is basically a gigantic quiche plate given to me by my manic-depressive boss years ago.


So Says Dave:
"No Leigh! I don't want you to knit me a sweater!"

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June 03, 2003
asdf jkl; or Look, I'm not Looking!


I'm not looking

In an effort to increase my multitasking ability, I'm trying to teach myself to knit without looking at my hands. Really, it can get a little boring watching myself knit for hours at a time. It makes me sleepy. This sweater is my practice piece since it's all knit and purl. Easy. If I can actually watch the teams on the Amazing Race yell about which airplane they are going to catch, instead of just listening to it, then it will be time well spent. I'm not asking for much.

So, here's where I am with my wannabee sweater. I did watch myself do the tubular cast on, but I'm not looking for the rest of it. Now I understand how stitches get dropped.

What else happens when....

am I in trouble.JPG

I'm not looking!

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