December 22, 2004
Sock Swap

Kick up your heels! A pair of socks came in the mail!

I love my new socks! In fact, I've worn them every waking hour since they arrived. They fit perfectly, they are cushy and they are green. And green is tops on my list of favorite colors (how did you know?). Thank you, Lynette for these wonderful socks!

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December 21, 2004
Weasley Along and Other Stuff

An ocean of stockinette. This is the back.

The Weasley sweater is coming along. It's taking a long time to knit it in the flat. After starting this, I realized it's been a while since I knit something flat instead of in the round.

The pattern also has one knit the sweater a bit long, so I've decided to shear a good 5 inches off Noel's sweater.

And I am saving the sweater front with its intarsia for last. Take that Weasley sweater. Yeah.

Knitting in the flat makes me cranky.

Really though, I could have easily knitted this sweater in the round, but I wanted the seam on the sides so it would hang better. Next time, I think I might knit in the round, steek the sides and then sew them back up. How insane is that?

To counteract the in-the-flat knitting, I've done a lot of spinning on my wheel.'s so pretty!

Eighty yards* of light golden brown shetland wool bought in Rhinebeck from Jen at The Spirit Trail

I went to see Lemony Snicket last night and am now obsessed with reading the books. My favorite character was the baby. And Aunt Josephine.

*well, it was 80 yds until I scorched a 10 yd skein in the microwave trying to dry it. I told you I was impatient!

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December 16, 2004
Gift Socks

I knitted some socks as a gift. I hope they fit and that the recipient likes them!

Augh....picture is blurry...

Yarn: Spirit Trail
Pattern: Whitby Socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road

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December 15, 2004
Caution: Elf at Work

Becky has a stuffed cat she calls Brown Kitty. Brown Kitty is really black and white spotted, but we all play along.

becky and brown kitty.JPG

Brown Kitty is in dire need of a new sweater for Christmas, don't ya think?

I thought so.

There was a lone ball of light pink DB Cashmerino Aran in my knitting basket just waiting for some sort of use. (I am not too fond of this yarn. I remember what happened to my microfiber tights in the 90s after a little wear and wasn't pretty.

brown kitty gets a new outfit for christmas.JPG
The sweater is basically a cabled wristlet with 2 thumbs. The skirt is a simple ruffle from Knitting on the Edge

I can't wait for her to see it! For now I must be content with Dave grunting his approval and then doing a double take and laughing.

Part of me just wanted to return Brown Kitty to her bed with her new ensemble and see what Becky did in the morning when she saw it.

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December 06, 2004
Another Sock

Conwy Sock from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush
Fortissima 1000 in Light Grey (color 31)

You know after years of avoiding sock knitting, here I am totally obsessed with knitting socks. But you knew that already, yes?

After seeing the Conwy socks Sandy was knitting on in Rhinebeck, I decided to knit some for myself.

The pattern is a little tedious for me. A lot of little bitty cables and not a lot of plain rows, but the result is worth it. My original plan was to make knee highs in this pattern, but it would just take too long.


I just joined the Weasley knitalong. I think it would be a cool sweater for Noel and Becky even though none of us have seen the movies or read the books. (Dave has all the books but he hasn't read them either. He's too busy reading Stephen King Dark Tower stuff.)

So, I know nothing about Harry Potter except that some guy named Ron has a mother (?) who knits poorly for people.

Here are the sleeves all done. They are knitted in the round and I haven't cast off yet because I am pondering attaching the live stitches with crochet. We'll see.

Rowan Felted Tweed in Midnight

Right now, I am all out of yarn for this project. Hopefully, the yarn will arrive on Tuesday. It would be nice to have this done for Christmas!

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